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Freshly Baked Goods:
TOUS les JOURS Opens Minutes from Princeton

chenIn the heart of West Windsor, minutes from Princeton Junction train station and Princeton - restaurateur and entrepreneur Chao Chen opens TOUS les JOURS bakery & café franchise to create a neighborhood space that embraces daily fresh baked goods and fosters community. 

2Specializing in French-Asian-inspired baked goods, passionately made from the finest ingredients, Chao’s West Windsor location  serves up handcrafted beverages and freshly baked, low-sugar and low-calorie treats — a place Chao said he opened so that he could “feel good about giving high quality treats to my own son and wife.”

3And the treats? TOUS les JOURS offers a wide range of baked goods – artisan pastries, gourmet cakes and desserts, and handcrafted beverages – baked fresh in-store every day. New items each month will bring you back, as well as signature milk breads and everyday staples. 

4Every weekend before 1pm, you are invited to TOUS les JOURS in West Windsor for free cake tasting. Indulge in a cake slice or pick up a whole cake for your next special occasion. From Cloud Cakes that feature their signature whipped cloud cream to classic Buttercream Cakes to elegant Mousse Cakes with heavenly layers of flavored mousse sandwiched in between fluffy sponge, you’ll be sure to find a delicious cake for your next occasion. There are even whimsical cake designs like The Piggy or The Party Bear, sure to delight families and children. 

5Fueled by Chao’s vision, TOUS les JOURS opened its doors in West Windsor in November. Since its inauguration, TOUS les JOURS has become a hub for communal bonding and celebration. Monthly family-friendly events hosted by TOUS les JOURS are one of the many ways the local cafe has brought Chao’s vision to life. From providing free kid crafts to seasonal photography sessions, these events embody the essence of TOUS les JOURS — a place where families can create lasting memories while indulging in delightful treats.

7At TOUS les JOURS, the promise of fresh, high-quality food isn't just a statement; it's a commitment that echoes in every bite, and truly reflects in Chao’s leadership and the welcoming staff. Each pastry, every sip, is meticulously crafted to ensure the utmost satisfaction for every customer.

Come and experience the vision of Chao Chen’s TOUS les JOURS in West Windsor — a fresh spot for families seeking exceptional baked treats and a welcoming atmosphere.

Special promos BOGO and Free Coffee on Tuesday and Thursdays at TOUS les JOURS in West Windsor. Visit the store for details and follow @tljprinceton on Instagram for more info!


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