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Thanksgiving Ordering Happening at Brick Farm Market

Our farm, Double Brook Farm in Hopewell, has been raising heritage birds on pasture since 2008. We breed, incubate, hatch and raise our birds - all on the farm. Our turkeys forage on pasture, eating grasses, seeds and bugs in the sunshine. Their supplemental feed - a local, non-GMO grain mixture - is grown for us by NJ Farmers. We raise Bronze and Spanish Black varieties - heritage breeds known for juicy, tender dark and white meat with a deep flavor you can only find with a pasture-raised bird.

Plus...we have everything else you need for cooking, easy entertaining and hosting your gathering: appetizers, cheese boards, sides, breads, salads, sweets, desserts, groceries and more.

Choose your foods, choose your pick up time and let us do the work!

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