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Events for Saturday March 14, 2020

LiLLiPiES Bakery Cookbook Launch

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Saturday March 14, 2020
3:14 PM

Owner and Head-Baker of LiLLiPiES Bakery, Jen Carson, is proud to debut her cookbook, LiLLiPiES, a comprehensive guide to creating her bakery's favorites. In keeping with her bakery's pie theme, the cookbook launch date and in-store book signing is set for March 14 at 3:14PM on Princeton Pi Day.

LiLLiPiES cookbook is a collaborative project that reveals the unveiled story of LiLLiPiES Bakery and pairs each recipe with a narrative. The cookbook's recipes were developed by Carson and her team and include favorites such as sourdough English muffins, baked donuts, frozen "hot" chocolate, and pies of all shapes and sizes. The cookbook features photography by Chiara Goldenstern and illustrations by Sofia Schreiber, both Princeton High School students.

Princeton Shopping Center, 31 N Harrison Street, Princeton, New Jersey.

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