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Events for Monday February 3, 2020

FYI Seminars, PSRC

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Monday February 3, 2020
1:00 PM

DIETARY CONFUSION: Almost everyone is fearful of eating the “wrong” food, whether to prevent a medical problem or to reduce our planet’s carbon footprint. Feeding the frenzy are giant food industries, social media outlets, and advertising, all of which are positioned to sell us new diet plans and unfamiliar food products. This presentation will help make sense about our dietary choices. Dr. Cynthia Clayton, a retired pediatrician, has treated children and families for forty years. In addition, she has helped design projects to educate the public in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Registration required, no fee.

45 Stockton Street Princeton, NJ 08540 (1 Monument Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540 — best address for GPS)

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