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A Story

A Story

                    A Story     

by Judith K. Robinson

    Once upon a time a certain man named Ammel, had the idea of creating juices from all kinds of delicious fresh fruits and tangy vegetables and decided to name his store Tico’s Juice Bar.  Another man named John had the idea of buying a farm and raising pigs and chickens and cows and letting them graze in the fields and dig in the mud and scratch in the grass for their daily meals and named his farm Lima Family Farms. Then one day one man met the other when their tents stood side by side in a farmers market. As the pig/chicken/cow farmer watched the juiceman put all his leftover pulp in a big bucket and start to drag it back to his shop, the idea lightbulb lit up.
    “What are you going to do with all that?” said John. 
    “Just take it and dump it into the garbage. Why?” answered Ammel.
    “Cause, wow, would my pigs love all that juicy stuff.”
And that is the story of how every Thursday after the Princeton Farmers Market closes, John loads up the quite large buckets of wonderful nutrients for his pigs’ dinners in his truck and Ammel no longer has to load up his trash cans with it and think about it all going to waste at the dump.    The End.

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