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Wine Tasting Event 2010& 2011

So we were sitting around last year in the spring wondering what our next wine dinner was going to be. We batted around a beer dinner idea, and a Spanish wine dinner, and a few other ideas and then we came up with what would turn out to be our most successful event to date.
The event was an “Around the World” wine tasting event. It was modeled after the wine events that the industry puts on in New York City and Atlantic City. (And other cities, I’m sure.) We set up tables that featured wines from eight different countries and then we had our chefs pair foods with each country.
It was a fabulous event (I can attest to this because I attended as a guest that evening)!
It was a beautiful evening, the weather was gorgeous-which was great considering we had a few tables set-up out on our side patio, and the amount of people that showed up was just perfect.
The tables represent:ed Italy, France, Spain, Chili, Argentina, South Africa, and the good ol’ USA.  We also had a “bubbles” table, which was my personal favorite! Each table had five different wines to try and accompanying foods to sample. The chefs did an amazing job with a seafood paella at the Chili table, sweet & sour meatballs at the Spain table and a wide array of cheeses and breads at the France table (just to name a few.) There were also fresh strawberries at the Bubbles table that made the perfect dessert!
People mingled and drank and ate and drank some more. You were able to go from table to table and try whichever wines you would like and nibble on some food while you were there too. There were tables that were set up outside to just sit with friends and talk about the evening or just relax with one of your glasses of wine.
Overall, it was an easy-going, fun event that I think everyone truly enjoyed!
So, of course, we are doing it again this year!
This Thursday will be our 2nd Annual Wine Tasting Event: “The World According to Wine”. We will have nine tables this year featuring the same countries as last year plus an Australia/ New Zealand Table. The chefs have been working hard to come up with some fabulous dishes! I don’t want to give them all away, but a few things I saw on the list included: braised rabbit, homemade empanadas, and lamb meatballs with yogurt sauce.
The weather report is saying zero percent chance of rain, and the temperature should be in the low eighties, so, in theory, we should have another beautiful night!
If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, don’t worry; you can always get them at the door! They are $75 each. The event starts at 7pm and the entrance to the Wine event will be at the side patio to the left of our front door.
I hope you can make it to the event this year because if it’s anything like last year’s event, it should be one heck of a great time!

Click here for a link to the event

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