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The Midlife Foodie

The Midlife Foodie

I love real, whole food, the stories about it, the people who produce it, the places it comes from and the way it brings people together. I am a food writer and educator (I also do copywriting on the side), I mother three millennials, I practice yoga and meditation, and, yes, cook a lot.

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Baked Goods and Signed Books

There’s a reason the Food Network named Jen Carson’s LiLLiPiES among the Ten Great Pies From Coast to Coast. It’s Jen's unique combination of kindness mixed with her passion and fierce attention to detail.


To illustrate what I’m talking about, I saw Jen once at the farmer's market. She was about to buy a case of berries from Stults Farm, which is one of the market's local farms. But when farmer Jill Stults mentioned that that was her last case, Jen withdrew from the deal.


I asked her why and she said that Jill should sell the berries to customers at retail price, instead of to her at wholesale price.


That’s Jen.  Vehement about getting the best local ingredients, but at the same time cares about the people with whom she deals. Both her perfectionism and caring shine through her food. 


Up until now, you could get LiLLiPiES baked goods at various locations around town. Now they have a place of their own, LiLLiPiES Bakery. At the bakery, Jen bakes long-fermented sourdough bread as well as American-style desserts. Daily. From scratch.


On my last visit there I had a lemon tart that exemplified the perfect balance between sweet-yet-tart and creamy-yet-airy.  And a  chocolate-stuffed pretzel that was - well, you can imagine. 


Visit LiLLiPiES any time. But on Monday, July 25, 2016, from 3-4PM there’s a bonus. Author John Holl will sign copies of his newest book, Dishing Up NJ.  The book features several Princeton restaurants including LiLLiPiES Bakery, the bent spoon, and Small World Coffee. All these beloved establishments will provide free samples of their treats at the event. 


LiLLiPiES is located at the Princeton Shopping Center. Bakery hours are Tuesday-Sunday 7am-4pm, with occasional special events scheduled after hours. Princeton Shopping Center's address is 301 North Harrison Street in Princeton.

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