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Venezuela Project by Chez Alice Catering Company

Chez Alice Catering Company at 7 Tree Farm Road, Suite 100 in Pennington

Is donating canned and boxed food for the Venezuelan People.

The tips will fund the shipping.


Please help the people starving there, we all have full tummies

at the end of the day, lets help fill the tummies in Venezuelans.


CaracasAccording to The New York Times, Venezuela is “a country that is in a state of total collapse,” with shuttered government officeswidespread hunger, and failing hospitals that resemble “hell on earth.” There is reportedly “often little traffic in Caracas simply because so few people, either for lack of money or work, are going out.” The Washington Post, which has repeatedly called for foreign intervention against Venezuela, describes the country using similar, at times identical, language of “collapse,” “catastrophe,” “complete disaster,” and “failed state.” A recent Post article describes a “McDonald’s, empty of customers because runaway inflation means a Happy Meal costs nearly a third of an average monthly wage.”  When Coca-Cola announced plans to halt production due to a lack of sugar, Forbes dubbed Venezuela “the Country With No Coke.” The Wall Street Journal reports on fears that people will “die of hunger.”

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