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The Brothers Moon 16th Annual Special Aphrodisiac Menu

Join The Brothers Moon for their 16th Annual Special Aphrodisiac menu. Tuesday, February 14th from 5PM to 9PM. Details at

Aztecs & Mayans 1st recognized potency of chocolate. Montezuma reportedly drank 50 cups of chocolate each day to serve his harem of 600 women.

Received aphrodisiac status from the Doctrine of Signatures (AKA the Law of Similarities) theory says if one thing looks like or is reminiscent of another, then it will improve or aid that which it looks like. 
French lovers of yesteryear dined on 3 courses of it on the night before the wedding.

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, inventor of Corn Flakes, advised nymphomaniacs to stay away from peppers. 
Eating peppers gets the blood rushing, the heart pumping, the face flushing and the pores sweating-

Considered the royal herb of the Greeks & a sacred herb in India. 
The alluring power has been used for centuries to keep wandering eyes focused homeward.

This aphrodisiac, like many lovers, plays hard to get (which, like many suitors, just makes one want it more).

Perhaps the greatest of all aphrodisiacs, the oyster symbolizes virility & passion for all who indulge.

It plays on humans’ keen “scent memory” our “strongest tie to most emotional experiences”. 
If the scent of rosemary is present during a particularly amorous event, 
one may eventually evoke a Pavolvian “call to love” with a mere waft of it in the air.

Anecdotal research says they enhance nesting instinct & fertility.

Aztec culture forbade village maidens to set one virginal toe outside the house while the fruit was being gathered.


*”Intercourses an Aphrodisiac Cookbook”, c.1997 Martha Hopkins & Randall Lockridge

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